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September 22, 2022 - Black Stone Cherry

After The Georgia Thunderbolts, as the opening act, had already made the arena glow on September 22, 2022 (see the blog post "The Georgia Thunderbolts"), the headliner of the evening came. BLACK STONE CHERRY came on stage with their hit ME AND MARRY JANE and even the people in the last row were pushed back a meter by the loud kick sound.

Though the bass and guitars were pricked up over the loud and muffled sound of the drums, Chris Robertson (vocals, guitar), Ben Wells (guitar, vocals), John Fred Young (drums, vocals) and Steve Jewell (bass, vocals) put on an impressive stage show, trying to watch all four at the same time so as not to miss a moment.

All in all it can be summarized: A great evening, with two great rock bands and a deafening sound, in which the individual instruments were difficult to differentiate.

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